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Benefits of Massage

Cardiovascular system diagram

Cardiovascular System

  • Increase general blood flow, superficially, deep, and to internal organs

  • Increases fluid transportation for nutrients

  • Enhance venous return of metabolic wastes

  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate

Healthy Growth & Developement

Growth & Developement

  • Promote growth and development in infants

  • Allows healthy touch without sex or violence

  • Can influence personality traits such as calmness, gentleness and no aggressiveness

Muscular system

Muscular System

  • Increases joint mobility and flexibility

  • “Milk” metabolic wastes from muscles into venous flow

  • Reduces muscle aches, pains, soreness and stiffness

  • Helps break up trigger points in muscles

  • Helps relieve muscle spasms

  • Promote general muscle relaxation

  • Passively stretches muscles

  • Break up adhesions

  • Helps tone muscles

  • Helps prevent muscle/ joint injuries

  • Stimulate parasympathetic nervous system


Psychological Aspects

  • Increase mental clarity and alertness

  • Reduce anxiety, fear, and phobias

  • Facilitate emotional release

  • Promote feelings of general well being

  • Increases the mind body connection

  • Can help break through “body armor” (muscular tension caused by suppression of emotions) and see things in a “new light”

  • Increase self esteem

Digestive System diagram

Digestive System

  • Improve digestion with relaxation

  • Facilitate bowel movement


Integumentary System

  • Stimulate sensory receptors in skin

  • Increase superficial circulation

  • Remove dead skin

  • Add moisture with oil or lotion to skin

  • Increase sebaceous gland secretions

  • Facilitate healthy scar formation

Nervous System

Nervous System

  • Reduce pain, increase endorphins

  • Sharpen body awareness

Respiratory System

Respiratory System

  • Encourage diaphragmatic breathing

  • Relax muscles of respiration

  • Promote good structural alignment and rib cage expansion

  • Improve optimal vital capacity

Endocrine system image

Endocrine System

  • Release of endorphins (with nervous system)

Immunity preventative services

Lymphatic System & Immunity

  • Increase lymph fluid movement

  • Improve immune function

Pain Reduction

Pain Reduction

  • Massage is an analgesia, meaning pain reliever from its ability to elicit the relaxation response, reduce anxiety, relieve muscle tension, and improve circulation

  • Interrupts the pain-spasm-pain cycle

  • Blocks transmission of pain to nerves by activating the neural-gating mechanism

  • Deactivates trigger points and referral pain

Reproductive system

Reproductive System

  • Increase urinary production and bladder tension

  • Eases pain and anxiety while pregnant

  • Improve reproductive function with relaxation

  • Promote general breast health

Skeletal System

Skeletal System

  • Increase joint range of motion

  • Promote smooth joint function

  • Promote optimal joint flexibility

  • Promote proper skeletal alignment

  • Prevent joint/ bone injuries


Stress Reduction

  • Trigger Relaxation Response

Tissue Level

Tissue Level

  • Enhance tissue repair and scar formation

  • Improve connective tissue health

  • Improve pliability of fascia

  • Release adhesions and separate tissues

  • Brings blood to the surface to “flush out” and deliver oxygen to the area

  • Help prevent formation of abnormal collagenous connective tissue

Urinary System

Urinary System

  • Enhance circulation to kidneys to improve blood filtration

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